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During times such as these, full of stress and unknown, community is more important than ever. However, the current public health practice of “social distancing”, while critical for flattening the curve of this pandemic, is a huge barrier for our community to naturally give and receive the support they need, the very type of support that can transform toxic stress into tolerable stress. 


Kitsap Strong is fundamentally focused on helping to make sure that the stress families are facing due to COVID-19 does not become "toxic stress", and we recognize that it absolutely has that potential. This is why we are excited to announce the launch of Kitsap Strong's Virtual Community Center. Our goal is to help our community find connection through “regulation” activities/practices (regulation refers to science-informed activities that help individuals manage stress; art, music, drumming, singing, movement, play, breathing, mindfulness, etc.) all while still practicing social distancing and gathering virtually. 


Our Virtual Community Center launched in May and ran for approximately two weeks. Information was be posted to the Kitsap Strong Facebook page via events. Each virtual session was provided via zoom or previously recorded videos and is all free to our community. We are also exploring other accessible ways to share this content with community who aren’t currently online.


Please help us spread the word with all of the families in your life! We look forward to becoming part of their community! Thank you for helping make Kitsap strong!

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