Capabilities, Connections, and Credentials to FLOURISH

(formerly Graduate Kitsap & Mason)

What is Graduate Strong?

A network of community organizations together with local school districts, working to ensure that all students in our community have the capabilities, connections, and credentials they need to flourish!


Many of the experiences and learning opportunities that shape a child’s life occur outside of the classroom in our communities. Science tells us that children develop the capabilities they need to overcome challenges through connections with caring and competent adults.

Graduate Strong is a community response designed to help students develop the capabilities, connections, and the credentials they need to flourish.


To strengthen our community by reducing gaps in educational opportunity and increasing post-secondary enrollment and completion.


Guide our bold and courageous approach to the work. We are ambitious and optimistic in our collective action for student success.

Equity. An inclusive person-centered approach that focuses on populations that have historically been furthest from opportunity.

Responsibility. Shared accountability that brings community and schools together.

Transparency. Research-based and driven by disaggregated data shared to influence and improve outcomes for each student.

Community. Our community has strengths and resources to help each student flourish.

Resiliency. Building resiliency over time through positive experiences and relationships.

Innovation. Test and try new ideas and actions, sometimes emphasizing learning over outcomes.

Focus Areas

Utilizing strengths-based approaches to increase school and community capacity in the Kitsap region around:
• Trauma Sensitive Schools
• Attendance
• Discipline Policies and Restorative Practices
• Hope and Resilience Building through Mentorship
• Future Bound Action: College Bound Sign-Ups, Internships, Dual Credit Enrollment, and Financial Aid Completion
• Credentials: Technical, 2-year, and 4-year Enrollment
• College Persistence

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